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Payroll bureau services uk - payroll adminstration & management
Most businesses will agree that managing the payroll and understanding the ever changing legislation that affects this function of your business is frustrating and time consuming.

- Outsourcing your payroll means you don’t pay any in-house costs.
Our payroll team are experts in their field and understand the commercial and technical requirements of your business.
- Our service is always on time and is always accurate.
Our service includes the year-end documents you need without an additional charge.
We are never ill, or on holiday, so you can be assured of a committed payroll service for your business.

Armstrong Chase takes the worry out of handling payroll arrangements by providing your business with an efficient and expert personal service for both very small and very large companies.

We can also give you the added protection and benefit of professional advice through our hotline service as part of our package.

Our Services include:

Payroll Bureau Services
- Data Input.
Setting up, amending and deleting employee details.
- Input of timesheet details, bonus calculations & overtime.
- Input and recording of SSP and SMP payments.
- Input of PRP payments.
- Working family tax credits.
- Student loan repayment deductions.
- Pension deductions.

- Running of the payroll to calculate gross pay, deductions and net pay

- Production of security payslips and standard reports.
Production of BACS payments including Inland Revenue payments (tax and NI).
- Production of P45’s.

Year End
- Production of P14’s and P60’s.
Production of P35’s.

- Production of standard reports.
Departmental analysis.
- Pensions listings.
- Production of job costing information.
- Production of accounts posting information.
- Payments to the Inland Revenue.

Using Armstrong Chase you can be assured of two things – up to date and accurate payroll information and management information that is current and easy to understand.


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